I have written 3 novels, two in English, one in German, and have made tentative starts to one or two others. I have also written approximately a dozen short stories and have sketched ideas for about ten more. For a number of years now, I have been playing around with an idea for a soap opera (desperate attempt to gatecrash the business).


The main period of all this creative activity was 1983 to about 1992, followed by a long pause until a major flurry occurred with completion of a novel in German in the latter half of 2000.

I am currently working on a new novel in English, working title "The Bogs".

Precious little of this work has ever seen the light of day in published form, in fact the only things published and paid for have been two erotic stories, which appeared in the late 1980s in a now-defunct magazine called "Forum". My opinions regarding publishers and agents appear elsewhere, namely here (Link to Likes & Dislikes, as soon as that gets started).


In the unlikely event that any publishers / agents – or in fact anyone in a position of power in the literary world, including established writers – chance upon this page, they are very welcome to get in touch.

Here are the English novels (PDFs):
Erotic Stories
Eingelocht: Golfen in Stammheim
The Hand
Playing In Broken Time
Obsession Forty-Nine
What Did You Do To Stop It?
Here is the German novel (PDF):
Here are two of the short stories (PDFs: